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AKYLONE is the result of unique technical expertise combined with the most advanced materials.

Its performance, agility, aerodynamic finesse, the versatility of its frame on the road and on the track will undoubtedly make AKYLONE a new reference.

AKYLONE represents the subtle alchemy between uncompromising performances and the emotion that a true piece of art can evoke.

Only fifteen units will be produced in the “coupé” type, and ten roadster units for the first production cycle.

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The luxury Hypercar made in France, AKYLONE is the ultimate expression of automotive pleasure and passion. A piece of art and collector’s item aimed at an ultra-limited production that only an elite can boast about acquiring

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The design and overall aesthetics of the vehicle, key words of our project, are implemented in all stages from designing to manufacturing, in order to obtain a perfect quality of finish, as a reflection of the French heritage of the largest luxury brands.

Genty automobile will give free rein to the imagination and the desires of the customer as to the choice of finishes and possible specific equipment, while accompanying him technically in his choices.

We will propose that each vehicle ordered is customized directly with technicians and designers (choice of paints, custom tints, choice of materials and shades of car seat upholstery, carpets and car roof skies, choice of car stitching, …).

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