As a tribute to beauty and performance AKYLONE represents the ultimate expression of pleasure and automotive passion. Thanks to its graceful shape and outstanding finish AKYLONE symbolizes the values of the prestigious French craftsmanship industry.


AKYLONE is the result of a unique technical expertise combined with materials advanced.


Its performances, its agility, its aerodynamism, versatility of its chassis on road will do of AKYLONE the new reference.


AKYLONE embodies the subtle alchemy between pure performance and emotion that can only be conveyed by a work of art. Akylone will only be produced in 15 units in coupe version, then 10 in roadster version.


Engine Specs

  • Engine:V10 Twin turbos
  • Engine location:middle longitudinal
  • Displacement:317 cubic inch
  • Turbocharging:2 turbos
  • Horse power:more than 1200 bhp at 7300 rpm
  • Torque:861 ft lbs (more 783 ft lbs than from 4500 rpm to 7000 rpm)
  • Petrol:E85/SP98 ron
  • Lubrication:dry sump
  • Transmission:Rear wheel drive
  • Gearbox:sequential 6 speed with shift paddle


  • Steering:rack and pinion, electric assistance
  • Turning circle:37.72 ft

Drive Train

  • Shocks:Architecture endurance type rocker / Ohlins
  • Architecture of Suspension:Double wishbone front / rear anti-roll bars and dynamic
  • Front brakes:Carbon ceramic disc 396*40 mm, MOV'IT 6 pistons caliper
  • Rear brakes:Carbon ceramic disc 380*32 mm, MOV'IT 4 pistons caliper
  • Front tires:265/30/20
  • Rear tires:335/30/20

General data

  • lenght:176.7 inch
  • width:80.7 inch
  • overall width:87 inch
  • height:43.9 inch
  • Wheel base:2780 mm
  • Front axle:69.49 inch
  • Rear axle:66.73 inch
  • Dry weight:2429 lbs
  • Weight distribution F/R:42/58 %
  • tank:2 x 12 galons us


  • Top speed:220 mph
  • 0-62mph:2,7 s
  • 0-124mph:7,2 s
  • 0-186mph:14 s
  • ¼ miles:9,8 s
  • Kilometer:16,6 s


  • Type:Monobloc type composite / carbon and aluminum inserts


  • coeficient of drag(cd):To be defined

Weight to power ratio

  • Weight to power ratio:0,92




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