Costume Carbone

Genty Automobile and Costume Carbone have joined forces to produce an exclusive polo to carry the Genty Automobile Colors. This Polo have been presented at last Monaco Top Marque Show in 2013 and is available to order at for 85 € Inc Tax.



Genty Automobile and the company Majorette, which is now owned by Simba-Dickie Group, created a 1/43-scale model of the "Akylone Concept" supercar... It is now available from retailers in 2 versions (black and “racing”), each of which comes in their own packaging. A third version is currently in production, as well as a race car transporter with the livery of the Genty Automobile brand. This will be available for Easter 2014. Start to collect!


Dream Up

The Genty Automobile and Dream-Up Companies have decided to collaborate to develop a Mobile Video Game. As early as March 2014, it will be possible to "drive" the "Akylone" SuperCar on Smartphone and Tablet! This game will be available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). The speed will be your ally, only if you master it!

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