1/ What are the origins of the project ?

First of all, this project was born from a boy’s dream who grew up with posters of the Ferrari F40, FORD GT 40 or Lamborghini and was thinking out mad mechanical adventures in the straight line of Hunaudières (Le Mans).

Since then, the world of super cars has evolved with new brands like Pagani, Koenigsegg or the return of Bugatti under the reign of VAG Group. This has imposed new standards of performance, strength, technology, security, and luxury … but there is a price to pay: the weight, which counteracts the efficiency of the dynamical behavior on the road and has a direct effect on the decrease of driving sensation.

With this in mind the idea of AKYLONE was born: the whole concept will be dedicated to the pleasure of driving and to real unfiltered sensations. Moreover, why should France with its own glorious racing past deny itself the creation of such a machine? This is the challenge we have taken on.

2/ Is it a car exclusively for track use or will it have an official approval and homologation for road service?

This car, although a racecar by its looks, will be homologated for road service by Idiada, the Spanish homologation services in Barcelona, who homologate most super cars.

Idiada has already audited our project with result that Akylone complies with all specified requirements. Only a physical crash test has still to be carried out.

For countries not covered by this approval, we will take care to the client's request for a receipt as isolated.

3/ How many times will AKYLONE be produced?

Akylone will only be produced in 15 units in coupe version, then 10 in roadster version. Akylone doesn’t compromise between power and lightweight, between technology and design or beauty and efficiency. This perfect synthesis is only possible through an extreme care, which is taken throughout its mainly manual construction process and through the use of the most advanced materials and technologies. This turns Akylone into a very desirable but rare object, a real object of art, born out of and for the emotions of real enthusiasts.

4/ Can AKYLONE be personalised?

Due to its construction mainly manual, inherited from the expertise of the craft of French luxury industry, the possibilities for customizing will make each copy of Akylone probably unique. Combining exceptional materials for the interior with an individual exterior colour is exclusively subject to the imagination of the future owner supported by the advice and a helping hand from our technicians.

All the equipment of Akylone is standard equipment, which is either technically or functionally necessary. The design of Akylone, rigorously oriented towards the reduction of weight, did not leave any room for gadgets or the unnecessary. For the most extreme purists and in the interest of further weight reduction, Akylone can be cleared in part or completely of any comfort elements.

5/ Where will the production site of AKYLONE be situated?

Production will be situated in Saint-Yorre, a little town in the center of France for different reasons: It is the home town of Frederic GENTY, the manager of GENTY AUTOMOBILE and creator of AKYLONE This is a region where many well known luxury craftsmen are based Preliminary testing of AKYLONE will take place on the airfield of VICHY CHARMEIL and further development on the MICHELIN DE LADOUX test tracks.

6/ How will it be possible to buy AKYLONE ?

Akylone will be sold in France and worldwide exclusively through agents and dealers specialised in the luxury market. Clients are more than welcome to assist during the different creative phases of their jewel.

The price of the Akylone is available on demand and is in equation with its exclusivity.

7/ Are you going to participate in tentative records and races?

Akylone has been conceived for performance and success on the track. Akylone will not avoid competition, on the contrary, it has been written into its genes. And what could be better to prove this than the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife? There, with Akylone Genty Automobile will try to beat the lap record for road-approved cars.

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